Our Mission

eat well.

This is what we’re all about – REAL, WHOLE FOOD. We try to keep everything as local and organic as possible, and we’re always looking for alternatives that accommodate those with food allergies, sensitivities, or who have other dietary needs (e.g. Vegan, Keto, GF, etc.).

We encourage everyone to make conscious decisions about the products they buy and to research the companies they’re buying from. By reading labels and learning about companies’ missions, values, practices, etc. not only are you ensuring you put better products in and on your body but you can also make an impact by supporting companies that are environmentally and socially responsible.

do good.

This has quite a few different meanings for us but the bottom line is that we’re always looking for ways to make a difference in our community and in our world by making and encouraging choices that positively impact others and are less harmful to our planet.

We want to support the incredible local farmers and makers by offering them a place to sell their products – supporting local not only helps the individual AND the local economy, but in terms of your food, it also means that it’s fresher, more nutritious, and has less of an environmental impact.

We aim to reduce waste as much as possible – we use reusable beeswax wraps and storage containers in our kitchen. All of our take-out containers, smoothie cups/straws, coffee cups/lids, etc. are biodegradable or compostable. We also have a green discount that encourages customers to bring their own travel mugs, smoothie jars or even containers for take-out food.

We know we’re definitely not perfect and we would love for you (our inspiring customers who live these values every day) to share any suggestions you have for ways you think we could do better. We are always looking for ways to improve!

feel better.

One of our customers left a lovely review on our Facebook page last fall that said, “Hats off to you for not only nourishing the body with delicious healthy foods but for also nourishing the soul with all of your holistic community events and offerings!”.

We were SO happy to read this because it’s exactly what we want The Jar to be – a community hub that supports and provides you with opportunities to be healthy, not only through food but also by creating a space where people can gather together for a variety of wellness workshops, classes, or events.

We just want to help you feel better – mind, body & soul!