We’d like to introduce you to the wonderfully wild woman behind Maiden Manitoulin – Jesse.

“With bare, deeply rooted feet, the skilled and knowledgeable hands of an Herbalist, natural gardener and worshipper of the Old Ways, Maiden Manitoulin honours and respects the Nature and Spirit within all life forms; the breathing Earth and living soil beneath our feet, the mighty magic of the Moon, the Sun, the Stars above our heads and absolutely everything in between.

Hailing from the shores, the fields, the farms and the deep rich forests of Manitoulin Island, all elements are inspired by Nature. Ethically wildcrafted and consciously cultivated, each root, stem, leaf and flower are procured at the optimal time, ensuring highest remedial benefits. These creations are labour’s of love, they are the reflections of the abundant wilderness of the North and a tribute to the Earthen Child within us all.”

Jesse creates the most beautiful handmilled soaps & handcrafted natural soap dishes, beeswax food wraps, sprays & potions, herbal sun-infused perfume oils, driftwood jewellery and new creations coming soon…all made with ingredients grown in her garden near Sheguiandah or wildcrafted with ingredients found in fields, forests, or on the shores of Lake Huron.