Featuring Purvis Fisheries, a well-known & loved business here on Manitoulin Island, with a fascinating history. Purvis Fisheries is a proudly owned family business, now in their fifth generation. They value harvesting fish in a sustainable way, and have a dock-side location that allows them to process catches directly after boats dock and unpack their catch, keeping it as fresh as possible. They meticulously vacuum pack and freeze fish, which sustains the fresh flavour and great texture.

They sail 6 days a week, from March through to January, on a 75 foot, 4 man crew Tug. Their nets need mending daily by two full-time dedicated employees.

The History

The history behind how this popular family business ended up on the west end of Manitoulin Island is a great story. In 1851, William Purvis and his brothers sailed from Arbroath Scotland to Canada, landing in Quebec, heading to Hamilton, ON and eventually making their way North (the last part of their voyage was made on foot through undeveloped woodland), finally settling here on Manitoulin Island. He built his first steam tug in 1887 and his 5 sons were soon helping him fish the waters of Lake Huron. They packed the fish in ice (harvested from the lake) and salt, and shipped by boat or rail.Fast forward a century & a half, and the family business is currently run by Drew and Denise – the great-grandchildren of one of the original ‘Purvis Brothers’, Alexander (one of William Purvis’ 5 sons). The business is now operating in its fifth generation (but they now use man-made ice and refrigerated trucks )!

We are proud to support Purvis Fisheries as they are dedicated to sustainability and feeding their local island community. We carry their frozen whitefish and trout and occasionally have their smoked fish as well!