We’d like to introduce you to the lovely couple who founded St. Joseph Island Coffee Roasters – Shane and Heather. While living in Calgary, they found an old farmhouse for sale on St. Joseph Island and started dreaming of a simpler life. St. Joe’s is Manitoulin’s neighbour, a couple of islands west of us, in the North Channel!

They discovered it was nearly impossible to find a truly fresh cup of coffee in Algoma, and set out to solve this problem themselves. As parents, they began to pay more attention to their buying choices and to seek out socially and environmentally responsible products. They believed they could be successful starting a fresh, fair coffee movement in Northern Ontario, and they were right!

They leapt with both feet and moved to that farmhouse in 2008 with their 4 year old son, and started a more in-depth plan for their coffee roasting business. In 2009 they renovated an old bunkhouse on their property that would become their first “roasting shack” and they’re slowly renovating the old farmhouse. They now roast their coffee in a refurbished maple syrup shack (pic below).

Environmentally & Socially Responsible

Shane & Heather aim to create an environmentally & socially responsible business, and to fuel others in Northern Ontario with similar goals. They pride themselves on providing their customers with great tasting coffee AND the feeling that buying a bag of their coffee contributes to the wellbeing of both the community and the larger world. They are actively involved in their community, and aim to be active supporters of the strong local food and community development movements here in Northern Ontario, through their coffee donations and fundraising programs, and by fuelling ideas and connections throughout the area.

They offer a wide variety of coffee, tea, chocolate, & coffee makers. At The Jar we carry several different whole bean coffees, including Peru Pangoa, Country Roads, Sumatra, Manitoulin Mist, Ship & Anchor, a decaf blend, & more!

Sustainable Packaging

#didyouknow their coffee bags are recyclable, compostable, & biodegradable? Just remove the tin-tie and valve, and the rest of the bag can go in your home composter!