Three Forks Farms is an organic farm that recently moved to the island. The farm is owned and operated by Eric Blondin and Peggy Baillie, who have worked in the food system for over 15 years, and have operated Three Forks since 2015. They both have a deep-rooted love for food – especially local food! They value working hard, having fun and growing good food for themselves and for others. Three Forks Farm grows over 20 different types of vegetables for both wholesale and retail. During the summer months they have pasture-raised chickens and they also carry 50 plus vegetable and flower seeds for their customers.

In May 2020, Peggy and Eric relocated to Ice Lake, on the west end of Manitoulin (they previously lived and had their business in Warren) and are a wonderful addition to our island food community! The top right photo is them breaking ground in May 2020 on the new farm.

Organic Farming

Three Forks has been certified as an organic farm, which means that they follow international guidelines to ensure the food they supply is healthy for customers and not harmful for the environment. Because they are certified, this gives customers the assurance that their practices are wholesome and the food that they are getting is free from unwanted chemicals and pesticides. To quote Three Forks, “this allows you [the customer] the confidence that we practice what we preach, and you can trust the food that comes from our farm”.We are proud to partner with this local family that values healthy, organic food.

Shop Now

We are thrilled to partner with Peggy and Eric to sell their veggies retail, and also use them in our kitchen. Head to our online shop to check out the beautiful veggies we have from their farm.