We’d like to introduce you to Andrea & Braidy of Wild Solutions – the wilderness-loving couple who venture deep into the woods of Northern Ontario to bring you your Chaga tea!

“At Wild Solutions, we bring you the nourishment of the forest with our ethically harvested wild Chaga mushroom teas. We are outdoorsy folks who believe that nature provides the very best solutions for wholesome and happy living! We love to explore and we personally harvest all of our goods in the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence and Boreal forest regions of Northern Ontario.”

Sustainably Harvested

“We cherish our relationship with the natural world so we tread lightly upon the land and gather gently, with gratitude. We are dedicated to using sustainable practices every step of the way, from harvest to final product. We strive to expand our knowledge of the ecosystems that we explore and continually implement new ways of increasing our energy efficiency while decreasing our dependence on non-renewable resources.

In order to find the forests that have been least compromised by human activity, we travel on foot into the backcountry to areas with difficult access. Instead of keeping a large stock, we harvest according to the orders we receive. This ensures that we never take more than we can use and that our wild edibles are always as fresh and nutrient-rich as possible. We use manual harvesting and crushing tools, hand blend our teas and carefully air and sun-dry our goods.”

Compostable Packaging

Wild Solutions Chaga comes in kraft paper and cellulose packaging that is fully biodegradable, compostable and sustainable! They hand stamp each package with water-based ink and their stamps are made with recycled plastic.

Their product line includes Chaga chunks as well as a blend of finely crushed Chaga mixed with some chai spices. Their Chaga Chai is available as a loose tea and also in hand-packed cellulose tea bags.

Benefits of Chaga

Visit Wild Solutions’ website to learn more about the benefits of the Chaga mushroom.

Motivated by their love of the outdoors and their passion for exploration, Andrea & Braidy live simply and in harmony with nature, which allows them the time and space to do what they love!